Why Does our Tree Canopy Matter?

Urban trees lower temperatures, utility costs, and building emissions substantially. They reduce stormwater runoff by absorbing thousands of gallons of rain each year. They help mitigate climate change impacts naturally and greatly improve our air quality and public health. The Jersey City Environmental Commission's July 2015 Tree Canopy Study recommends that our canopy coverage increase by 30,000 trees as a restorative measure. While local government has committed to planting 2,000 trees in parks over the next 5 years, more is needed and the community must help. TREE SPEECH would like to raise awareness of the dire need to maintain the City’s existing tree inventory and to plant more Street Trees.


Q: Can I participate if I live outside of Jersey City?

A: Although we will only be making signs for trees in Jersey City, all are welcome to make a twitter account for a tree anywhere and use the hashtag #TreeSpeech. If you make an account for a tree outside of Jersey City, please let us know!

Q: Can I participate if I don't use twitter?

A: The main conversation is happening on Twitter, but there will likely be other conversations happening elsewhere, too. You can definitely use the hashtag #TreeSpeech on any social media platform you like. You can also view tweets tagged with #TreeSpeech without signing up to twitter.

Q: I signed up for twitter but I don’t know how to use it.

A: Read this guide. Our best advice is to follow and interact with others. The more you engage with others, the more they will engage with you.

Q: Who organized this project?

A: Anne Percoco is a Jersey City based environmental artist. She conceived of and is organizing Tree Speech, in partnership with Sustainable Jersey City.

Numerous volunteers helped to make this project happen, including: